FLAG - promoting and protecting local rail services

Franchises, Governments, Councils and MPs come and go, but since 1985 FLAG has continued to provide local knowledge and expertise to ensure that rail remains a priority for transport investment in our area.

Over the years FLAG has developed a positive relationship with railway companies, MPs, Councils and numerous other bodies striving to increase the movement of passengers and freight by rail. As an autonomous watchdog for rail users we raise issues on their behalf, ensuring progress is made and franchise commitments are delivered.

Current independent root-and-branch reviews are proposing reforms which prioritise passenger interests, making this a crucial time for all those who are interested in the future of our rail network.

Our award-winning newsletter, is published three times a year and sent to all FLAG members.

Unlike some rail bodies, FLAG has no political, commercial or governmental affiliation. It is financed solely by membership subscriptions and donations. This allows us complete independence of thought and action. However, it also means that we always need new members.

FLAG offers You

  • Latest news about your railway and its services in three informative Newsletters per year
  • Information about special tickets, excursions and promotions
  • The latest on re-franchising of rail services in your area
  • Reports on meetings with Train Operators, Local Authorities and other bodies
  • Details of events, publications and timetables
  • Forum for members views
  • Information about improvements, such as the new stock on our Manchester through trains, Sunday services north of Barrow and improved station facilities.

We have a membership of over 200, current annual subscriptions being £7 Individual and £10 Corporate. Newsletters are published around April, August and December. Our circulation includes all members, with additional complimentary copies for railway managers, councils, MP's, tourist bodies and the media. Local Timetables and publicity material are often enclosed with the newsletters.

How you can join FLAG

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